When it comes to reducing your energy bills, installing insulation is one of the most inexpensive, quick and cost effective methods. On average loft insulation can save you up 35% on your heating bills and under floor insulation, 15%. As well as reducing the energy consumption within your home and reducing your energy bills, installing insulation can also prolong the life of your boiler and give your property a higher energy rating.

The Product

Roll of Insulation

Our insulation product, Knauf Earth Wool, is a blend of natural and manmade fibres.

The blend creates a long lasting product that is king to the environment, has a greater insulating quality than products available previously and most importantly has a lifetime guarantee of 50 years.

No Obligation

We offer a no obligation quotation service and after installing over 1000 lofts and under floors, we come highly recommended.


Our government accreditation allows our customers to access the HEEPS cashback scheme which provides up to £500, to claim once the job is complete. Our quotes are very competitive and our installations are professional and experienced..